Seido Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a family owned enterprise in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1946.Our first products were Standard Zinc Oxide, Active Zinc Oxide and Zinc Carbonate.
We started our first Nickel Oxide product in 1956, and since this time have been gradually expanding our product range to now include Nickel Carbonate, Nickel Sulphate and a range of Cobalt Chemicals.
We have focussed on the needs of our Japanese and International customers and sell to some of the leading Corporations in the Battery, Catalyst, Chemical, Electronics, Feed Additive, Plating, Rubber Tire and Steel Industries.
We have been able to achieve this by our focus on using Technology to innovate and continuously improve our high quality, high purity products.
We now have decades of experience working with our customers to give them secure supply lines with products designed to meet their specific needs, and at the same time meeting the highest environmental standards.
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