Active Zinc Oxide

Seido Active Zinc Oxide (AZO) is also produced by a similar production process to Zinc Carbonate. It has therefore a very low impurity content. Further AZO is produced with a very fine particle size which results in a large specific surface area as measured by the BET method.
AZO reacts strongly with hydrogen sulfide. This characteristic is used in the rubber industry as a vulcanizing accelerator. The resulting rubber has a strong tear off resistance and also an improved modulus of elasticity. AZO is widely used in the petrochemical industry as a desulfurization agent due to this ability to absorb large amounts of hydrogen sulfide.
Other applications include acting as an excellent adhesive for use with Neoprene, and also as a strong compounding agent in the manufacture of latex products.
BET numbers for AZO are about 60~90m2/g, this compares with about 3~5m2/g for the Zinc Oxide products mentioned earlier produced by the "French Process".

The Active Zinc Oxide is packed in 20kg paper bags

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