Nickel Oxide NiO-D
Nickel Oxide Green Formula: NiO

  • Nickel Oxide NiO-D
  • Nickel Oxide Green

These Green Nickel Oxides are both used in the Ferrite Industry.
Both Nickel Oxides are mainly used by conversion to Ni-Zn Ferrite for use in the production of transistor radio antennas. The particle size is controlled to meet the specific needs of different customers so that the stringent requirements of this application can be met.

Compared with the Nickel Oxide NiO-D, the Nickel Oxide Green has a smaller particle size and a sharper particle size distribution.

Nickel Oxide NiO-D is packed in either 20kg paper bags, or 1,000kg flexible container bags.
Green Nickel Oxide is packed in either 20 kg paper bags, or 500kg flexible container bags.

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