Zinc Carbonate Formula: xZnCO3・yZn(OH)2・zH2O

Seido also uses the "Wet Method" to produce other zinc chemicals such as Basic Zinc Carbonate, and Active Zinc Oxide.

Basic Zinc Carbonate is packed either in 20 kg paper bags, or 700 kg flexible container bags.

Basic Zinc carbonate has a major application as being compounded into natural rubber to give rubber transparency.
It is able to do this as the refractive index of the Basic Zinc Carbonate is very similar to that for natural rubber.

Feedstock Zinc Carbonate is produced by the Seido production process for the systematic removal of heavy metals in the resulting Carbonate. The Seido product and production process is approved to be used as livestock feed by the Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Zinc is an essential element in livestock nutrition. Zinc as a mineral agent is a component of insulin and helps the actions of enzymes. Zinc deficiency can be a particular problem for pigs (parakeratosis) and poultry. It can cause poor growth and unsatisfactory bone development. Seido Feedstock Zinc Carbonate is valued as an excellent additive (normally about 45ppm) to feeds to overcome these problems.

Feedstock Zinc Carbonate is packed either in 25kg paper bags, or 700 kg flexible container bags.

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