Zinc Oxide Formula: ZnO

Seido has a very comprehensive range of Zinc Oxide products made by the "Dry method" (the 'French' process) using our decades long experience of continuous improvement in our processing equipment and production technology. Zinc Oxide is classified into Type Ⅰ, Type Ⅱ and Type Ⅲ in the Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS).

All Zinc Oxide products are packed either in 20kg paper bags, or 500kg flexible container bags.

Zinc Oxide Ⅰ is produced from electrolytic zinc (SHG Grade). It meets the International standards required for critical high quality uses in such applications as medicines and cosmetics. It is also widely used as a raw material in the manufacture of ferrites.

Zinc Oxide Ⅱ is produced from electrolytic zinc. This Zinc Oxide has multiple applications using its unique properties. One example is as a white pigment in paints where it has a better light resistance than titanium oxide, allowing a little yellow coloring with age. Similarly this Oxide can be used in ceramic enamels, and as a vulcanizing sub-accelerator for rubber.
Zinc Oxide Ⅱ is also a semiconductor and as such is widely used as a raw material for production of magnetic materials such as ferrites. It is also uses this property in other applications such as the manufacture of transistor radio antennas and fly-back transfer in TV's communication equipment.
Further Zinc Oxide Ⅱ is one of the most suitable feed materials for the manufacture of Zinc Phosphate which is used as an anti-corrosive treatment chemical on steel plate.

Zinc Oxide Ⅲ is produced from the distillation of zinc and its major use is as a vulcanizing accelerator. It is used together with sulfur as a compounding agent for rubber, for example in the range of 5~10% of oxide to rubber.
Further, Zinc Oxide Ⅲ has also many other uses, for example in electric cables, ceramic ware and in porcelain enamels.

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